Author Topic: Drone/Ambient/Experimental tape release: Solemn Embrace - The disciples of fear  (Read 1693 times)


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SOLEMN EMBRACE - The disciples of fear / C46 Cassette - OUT NOW
Limited and hand numbered to 50 copies only

Buy and Listen here:

The second tape release in the diametric. tape series comes from Solemn Embrace, a new project by Arne Weinberg, dedicated to experimentation with modular synthesis. All sounds and music created on this release are done with a Eurorack modular synth system, a handful of effects and an AM/FM radio. The music is a mixture of percussive rhythmical experiments, strange sounds, sci-fi influences, eerie atmospheres and ambiences.
Limited and hand numbered to 50x C46 cassette tapes, incl. digital download, provided with purchase of the tape through the diametric. webstore. Tapes will only be available through the diametric. webstore, Interstellar Sounds UK and Rub a Dub UK exclusively. Please note, Interstellar Sounds and Rub a Dub do not provide the digital download. Download only included with purchase in the diametric. webstore.