Author Topic: [diametric. podcast 06] Mick Chiilage 2 hour deep ambient mix  (Read 1970 times)


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[diametric. podcast 06] Mick Chiilage 2 hour deep ambient mix
« on: November 30, 2013, 04:36:15 AM »

This is what Mick Chillage has to say about his mix:

When Arne approached me in early Autumn of 2013 to do a mix for his podcast series I had initially thought of doing something with an Autumn/Winter theme to suit the cold and dark days that were slowly approaching us but when I started compiling the music selections mainly from my CD album collection I felt why put restrictions on the mix and felt it would be better to approach the mix like when I make music, I usually letting the sounds inspire me rather than setting out with a preconceived idea on what the music should be.
So with a pile of CD's from 2013 I randomly pulled tracks that I felt were some of the best moments from 2013 plus ones that would show a diversity and how ambient music has developed at fusing elements of classical, Avant-garde, Jazz folk etc rather than the cliched rippling water and drug referenced dialogue samples of yesteryear.
I hope you Enjoy and maybe find some great new music in the process!

01 Autumn Of Communion "Rhea Explored" [Excerpt] Autumn Of Communion 3.5 [TXT]
02 Sense "Denizen" The Dream [Psychonavigation]
03 Oophoi "An Ariel View" [Excerpt] An Ariel View [Glacial Movements]
04 William Basinski "A trail Of Tears" [Excerpt] Nocturnes [2062]
05 Lustmord "Andras Sodom" The Word As Power [Blackest Ever Black]
06 Ethernet "Temple" 144 Pulsations Of Light [Kranky]
07 Indiana Drones "Part V" Indiana Drones [Carpe Sonum]
08 Tomonari Nozaki "Part V" North Palace [Forwind]
09 Vivaldi/Max Richter "Winter 2" The four Seasons Recomposed [Deutsche Grammophon]
10 Moss Garden "The Fabric Of Sentinel" Understanding Holy Ghosts [Kaico]
11 Loscil "Cascadia Terminal [Kranky]
12 Murcof & Philipe Petit"The Call Of Circe" First Chapter [Aagoo]
13 Marsen Jules Trio "Eclipse" Prescence Acousmatiquie [Oktaf]
14 Digitonal "Ambient Box Output V3" Unreleased