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Thanks to everyone for their patience in helping me with Windows 8.

I now understand that Windows 8 is a moderately improved version of Windows 7 with the tablet-friendly tile interface laid on top.

It's quite easy to get rid of the "modern" tablet interface and boot directly to the desktop with Classic Shell, the app, as was suggested above.  I now do that with all my Windows 8 computers.

Even the Windows 8.1 update will natively allow that: Microsoft has actually listened to someone.

Thanks again.


I discovered this week here at work that we still had one PC running Windows XP. I thought we had already upgraded everybody, but somehow I had missed this out-of-the-way desk when I upgraded everybody before.

That user now has a nice new Windows 8 Pro 64 machine, and there is no more trace of Windows XP here. All gone!

Presumably MS stopping security support will have significant future issues for the world that is still using XP (as opposed to the W2K scaremongering) ? I upgraded my internet computer for this reason. Don't think I can go into the heady realms of Win8 yet though, just getting my head around Win7 at present !


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