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Jonathan Block weekly downloads

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I'm still posting weekly downloads on my site every Monday. Some of the downloads are complete tracks, others are works in progress, but they're all free.

Thanks for listening!

Allow me to do the honors...
JB is also taking part in the NYE2007 shoutcast live via the web. I believe his set starts at around 4:00pm EST but you may want to check the schedule at for any schedule changes. It's a great event that features performers (and genres) from around the world that are all members of community. More info below:

You can tune in to us at

You may require Winamp or some Shoutcast/Oddcast compatible media player. The "Tune IN" button on the top of the site will create a .pls file. Make sure your player recognizes that file type by going into its preferences and click it.

I hope you all have a chance to tune into Jonathan's set. Mark Mahoney and myself will be performing from 7:45-8:30pmEST

I missed this post, Jonathan, so didn't tune in unfortunately.
Hope it went well !
What were you playing, the ewi ?

Unfortunately, because of server and scheduling problems I didn't perform, but I did have a new set of EWI music ready to go.

A special download this week. "Covers" of a Robert Fripp soundscape:



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