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Founder of Native Instruments New Hardware Synth

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Julio Di Benedetto:
Stephan Schmitt founder of NI has step down as CEO and is now spearheading

Heres his 1st prototype idea....

Perhaps the future of soft synths is hardware?

I am very sure this hardware synth will only contain softaware anyway in a neat little package just like the arturia stuff...btw I must mention that arturia is the most overrated company..such crappy products..and all synths yes all synths sounds the same..

and on this one where is the knobs ?

will it be one gigantic loop machine looks like it..

Julio Di Benedetto:
This text is taken from the website......a gigantic looper, I dont thinks so.  But who cant tell at this stage.


The musical instruments we are developing embody a number of fundamental concepts which are important to us: performance-centered technology, product development focused on longevity and evolutionary development, an open source approach, and sustainable production methods.

Standalone systems. Our instruments are fully self-contained no external computers. We rely on ARM microcontrollers for the highest level of real-time performance, reliability and flexibility. Separate synthesis engines tap the vast audio processing power of embedded PCs. Optionally, software GUIs can be added by connecting Android mobile devices.

Full control. We have developed the TCD musical control protocol which overcomes many limitations of MIDI. TCD stands for "Time, Curve, Destination" and implements a high-resolution control over all aspects of a dynamic and expressive live musical performance. Read more about our TCD concept here.

Software-based digital sound synthesis. We are not interested in resurrecting the past by modeling analog machines of yesteryear. We are inspired by the virtually limitless sonic palette offered by digital sound synthesis. "Software-based" means that our durable instruments can evolve without falling into obsolescence. More about Phase 22, our first synthesis engine.

Top-quality hardware. Our musical instruments are built to last. They are not consumables to be thrown out and replaced every few years. We use the best components available to provide musicians with durable instruments.

Open source. Over the past few decades, the dynamics of open source has created many solid and mature technologies and has empowered people around the world. It is an invitation to sharing and community, fitting in well with how most musicians think. For Nonlinear Labs, it also means that our ideas can be used in other areas of music performance and production. Whenever possible, we will make our technologies freely available to these ends.

Local production. Our prototyping and production is 100% "Made in Berlin". Working locally means faster development cycles and better communication with manufacturing partners, resulting in higher quality. And by keeping travel and shipping to a minimum, we reduce our carbon footprint and can ensure that social working standards are met./i]

Very interesting, big respect for the feller who started NI / developed Reaktor - still one of the most interesting synth environments that I've come across. If only they'd got some guys in to develop some less glitchy / 'aphex-esque' presets to show what else some of those ensembles could really do.


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