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El culto:

--- Quote from: Scott M2 on December 10, 2013, 05:01:32 PM ---I'm very fond of many Roland digital synths - especially the JD-990, though I certainly use its internal effects. Access to both good analog and digital intruments is the very best IMO - and, of course, ones that you feel a special relationship with.

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Really like the D50

Julio Di Benedetto:

--- Quote from: mgriffin on December 10, 2013, 04:37:51 PM ---Agreed, and I don't mean to say all synths are equal, or that a Casio CZ101 is just as good as an Andromeda or a Moog or a Matrix 12 or any of the "greats." I tend to think of all synths as having their own strengths. For some synths, like a CZ101 or my Roland SH101 (hey, my first two synths both had the number "101"...) one of the strengths is that they're straightforward and easy to learn, so maybe their value is more as learning tools which are limited in terms of practical usage.

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This is very true Mike.....the learning is crucial and limited is good.  Without a decent amount of practical electronic synthesis knowledge one would have a hard time getting the most out of an Andromeda or M12.  They are very deep instruments and thus are a constant source of sonic surprises to the seasoned electronic musician. Im a much more knowledgeable programmer after spend time using a modular synth. 

I think a few different "limited" synths in one studio is just as good as using the some of the "greats" because as you suggest one becomes a master.


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