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Julio Di Benedetto:

--- Quote from: Immersion on December 07, 2013, 02:06:48 PM ---The new Prophet 12 seemed amazing but it sounded like a average soft synth...
Or the Solaris synth. So much focus on everything else besides the pure sound. 

--- End quote ---

Immersion.....In one sense Im happy you are so vocal....and I do respect your opinion but you are mistaken.....its ok, you dont have the perspective which is something middle age men like myself  have earned through experience. You have youth that should have hope and a less jaded viewpoint..... ;)

You do know your pursuit for what is pure will only lead to silence...I hope thats what you are looking for.

No offense ment....just tired of having imho potentially good threads trashed.

Love & Peace


Julio Di Benedetto:
I have Matrix 12 in my studio.....its days are numbered.  What then?  Perhaps Stephan Schmitts new synth will be just what is need.  Can something replace...perhaps.  Will synthesis progress in some shape or form in hardware after electrically feed oscillators. Yes!

Again I welcome a debate....with a positive look into the thread, my rules.  ;)

Julio Di Benedetto:
Well, if you dont believe in the the future of software.....ok.  Oberhiem 4 voice...not new and not so forward looking though truly beautiful.....just an amazing awe inspiriting re creation with much improved midi etc.. Amazing to have it available foot in the past, one foot in the future.

By the way this is not a conversation.......

And you have spent 4-5k on and Eventide external FX box to run soft synths through......Ok,  time to take my blood pressure medication. Your notion of planning for the future has my nervous. My bad you actually have no vision for the future.  ;)

Julio Di Benedetto:
Im done....might be time to take a little hiatus from the forum.  This is going no where and all this is sucking my energy as long as this "format" persists.

All the power to you Immersion!

Thanks for posting this and your other postings on technical stuff, don't feel the need to take a hiatus. Personally I'm far more interested in the thoughts of someone who has released (some great !) ambient music, than someone who merely has a set of intransigent opinions and no examples of their music output.

I'm also tiring of thread hi-jacking too and posts about what my favourite food processor is...

Opinions are no substitute for experience.


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