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Finally coming soon - Hypnos download store!

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Originally posted on the Hypnos blog:

--- Quote ---We’ll have some exciting changes coming soon, primarily related to our first digital download store. As soon as we finish up beta testing, we’ll be opening the door to the public. Though we plan a sort of “soft open” for the store, with just a few products available at first, we plan to steadily ramp up and increase our offerings.

We’ll start out by offering a handful of Hypnos titles for download, then increase the Hypnos (and Binary and Hypnos Secret Sounds) offerings until most of those are listed.

After that, we look forward to offering digital downloads from other labels, starting with some of the music we already sell on CD in our Hypnos Online Store. Again, we’ll start small and gradually ramp this up.

The next phase after that, perhaps most exciting of all, is when we start selling downloads from other labels and artists not currently represented in our store. We envision our store becoming a hub for ambient, electronic and experimental music, with a mix of CD and download items. While physical space requirements keep us from offering more than 1,000 or so titles on our Hypnos Online Store, digital downloads don’t take up any physical space, so we might end up offering thousands of titles.

Here’s to the future! We’ll have more specific news very soon.
--- End quote ---

Crikey! I keep forgetting about the Hypnos blog. Just saw some of the announcements regarding upcoming Hypnos releases. Exciting!

Don't forget the Hypnos blog!!!


Great news Mike,
I wasn't sure if this was a 'go-er', but you've proved me wrong !

I don't blame people for wondering if it was ever going to happen.

Finally I had to change the goal, and decide to set a target of creating a small shop at first, and growing it larger over time. I have something now that should work well, and I think people will like it.


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