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Finally coming soon - Hypnos download store!

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Julio Di Benedetto:
Exciting news....Hypnos download offering digital versions of the Hypnos catalog and then hopefully all the other ambient electronic labels and artists. I can see it growing to be a digital "Backroads Music"

That's roughly the idea, Julio. We want to create a central spot for people to come and browse for ambient and related music, not just CDs but also downloads, eventually. To begin, the downloads available will be only a few, but we will quickly add to the list. I expect to have hundreds of album downloads added within the next few months, including many non-Hypnos items.

Hi there,

Just finding my way around Hypnos here  :) Is the download shop up and running as I can't find a link or indication ? Downloads would be a good option for the likes of myself as postal costs from the US to UK really add a fair bit of additional expense.

Also can I ask what the bit rate for MP3 will be ?

I have just checked out the samples there on your weekly sale item, John Duval - Hells Canyon , very interesting. Will be keeping an eye on Hypnos label etc from now on  :)


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