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Finally coming soon - Hypnos download store!

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Julio Di Benedetto:
Exciting news....Hypnos download offering digital versions of the Hypnos catalog and then hopefully all the other ambient electronic labels and artists. I can see it growing to be a digital "Backroads Music"

That's roughly the idea, Julio. We want to create a central spot for people to come and browse for ambient and related music, not just CDs but also downloads, eventually. To begin, the downloads available will be only a few, but we will quickly add to the list. I expect to have hundreds of album downloads added within the next few months, including many non-Hypnos items.

Hi there,

Just finding my way around Hypnos here  :) Is the download shop up and running as I can't find a link or indication ? Downloads would be a good option for the likes of myself as postal costs from the US to UK really add a fair bit of additional expense.

Also can I ask what the bit rate for MP3 will be ?

I have just checked out the samples there on your weekly sale item, John Duval - Hells Canyon , very interesting. Will be keeping an eye on Hypnos label etc from now on  :)

Any word on the download store Mike ?

Hope it will still be happening.

Definitely will still happen. I need to schedule a couple of vacation days to do nothing but get the new store finally off the ground and launched.

In fact, it will not only offer some downloads (not download versions of all the CDs we sell, but some) but it will sell CDs also, and will replace our existing Hypnos Online Store.


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