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Hey, all my internet-savvy media-aware friends...

A year or two ago, I started working on setting up a little "jukebox" type MP3 player and was planning to switch all our MP3 sample clips over so they were playable in this format rather than just linking to the MP3 files on our server.

I tested several players, and had to eliminate most of the ones that  relied to much on Javascript, because I can't edit the HTML headers in the Hypnos Online Store. I believe I found a player that relied on Flash, rather than Javascript (though HTML5 might work too), and that had several skins available. It looked like a little WinAmp window, with a list of tracks below it, and a play/stop controller, and a scroller so you could skip ahead in the track playing, and a volume slider.

I'm pretty sure it was free, but it might have had a "paid for" premium version.

Does anybody have any idea what I'm talking about? I've been searching all over the place, and can't find the original files I was tweaking, or any reference to this MP3 player/jukebox thing on the internet.

There are a lot of these flash-based website mp3 players around. 
Some have come and gone, but there are always new ones.
A popular one back then was the JW Player, which became the Longtail video player, and now it seems to be back to JW again.
I use a player on my album pages that shows as a playlist.
A search for "Mp3 website player" brings up quite a number. Many of them have a playlist mode for putting up samples from every track.

Thanks Anthony

The player on your site looks familiar and probably was the one I was tinkering with before, though I was using a different color or skin. I wonder why that player never showed up in any of my searches.

I've toyed a bit with one you can see here (it's not insertable into this forum post):


It's just below the playlist. It works OK but I don't like being unable to change the look of it.

Thanks again -- that gives me another option to consider at least.

So.... no wonder I didn't find anything about Premiumbeat when I was searching recently. It appears the company has shut down, and they're sending people from their web site to PodSnack, which is another company I saw offering an mp3 playlist/jukebox.

I wouldn't mind paying something for a good bit of mp3 jukebox code but PodSnack seems to be selling a service rather than a bit of code.

Yep, you need to find a player that you can set your own colors on.
Tomas also uses the premium beat player:

I can give you a copy of it (plus editing info), no problem. But it will have the premium beat link on it. (which could probably be taken out with a flash editor).


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