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Putting my music out there for the first time...


Hello! My name is Steven, and I create electronic ambient soundscapes as a hobby. I play bass guitar(40 years) and am a sound engineer for a "living". Writing electronic music is something I've been doing since the 90's, and now I've found a direction to go in, artistically.
Please take a listen to my work at
I'm open to all comments and advice.
I create under the name "watershed".


I liked A New Noise. I listened to a few of the other more recent tracks and I felt like some of the sounds you used were a bit clichéd, like on Progression 1 & 2. It just felt like a typical opening theme to a movie with those space sounds. Also, you could have had a fuller range of frequencies on End Of The World. Some low end would have helped on that track especially.

Since you're a bassist, you could incorporate that instrument into your ambient music.

I skipped around a bit, but one thing I noticed is that you tend to favor drones that occupy most of the soundspace.  I would try to dial some of those drones back into the mix so that other voices can poke out a little more clearly.  The high end seems a bit harsh in places.  Was most of this recorded as a realtime improv?  I would also vary the effects settings for each sound you introduce (eg, don't pan all of the echoed sounds from left to right), so that each one sits in a different part of the mix.  Some of the fatter drones seem a little preset-ish; I would try to dial down the LFO-wooshing, but that's just my stylistic preference.

Good luck.



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