Digital Compact Camera - any advice?

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El culto:
Hi there,

wanting to purchase a new compact digital camera which can suite into my jacket pocket!

Please donīt start with any SLR recommendations here as iīm not interested into that.

In my radar are:

:: Canon S100/110/120

:: Sony Rx100 (Mark II)

:: Panasonic LX7

:: Olympus XZ-2

High ISO isnīt an important issue for me….iīm looking more for color fidelity, fast and precise AF plus good Macro options….also manual mode should be available!

Is anyone using one of these? Any experiences? Any samples to share? Any other suggestions?


El culto:
Have to add that i own the Sony Rx 100 (Mark I) but iīm not really happy about the well known green cast of Sony cameras.

Also, Video isnīt important for me either!


Julio Di Benedetto:
Tomas I had a Canon Sure Shot not too long ago and it delivered great images, function and quality so I have always been a canon fan.  Dont know the models you mention.

Also something important that would make me consider the Panasonic is that it uses a Leica lens.....the best glass there is!

If you really want something compact but without compromise

you might consider, it comes in different sizes.  It will easily wit in your jacket
It works for most phones I think.

I asked this question to a photographer friend who has owned many, many cameras. He says that they have all been compromises in the past as they used small sensors, but with the use of large sensors in compacts, things are improving. He suggested having a look at the Ricoh GR:


I have a Sony HX5 as a compact, it's not great quality, but it's small enough to carry around and is pretty responsive. I look at some of the shots in details and they are poor at 100% pixel-peeping magnification, but I don't know how important that is, unless you're making large prints. I use this camera as my Sony R1 which has a zeiss T series lens and is fantastic, but as it is big and very slow in operation, I don't take it out. I don't recommend the HX5, but the (compact) camera in the pocket is better than the one at home !


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