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Igneous Flame 2014 news


Still working away on new material here at Flame acres.
New year – new albums to be released. Here’s an update:

My ‘IRIS’ album has been put on hold temporarily while I’m working on a newer project which will be my next release. This album (provisionally titled ‘Ikon’) is a more experimental project than is ‘usual’ for my material. Percussives and a harder electronic sound are the order of the day for this one, there will be quite a range of ‘sonic dynamics’ on this one.

I shall be returning to ‘IRIS’ once ‘Ikon’ has been released. It will be a primarily guitar orientated work and more ‘musical’ in a formal sense than my more abstract other work. Currently I’m hoping for a late summer / august release, but this will be more definite when I return to working on this project.

Blog post link:

That's awesome. Can't wait to hear these releases.

Pete, I've sent several emails in to you pertaining a brand new project I'm working on with club977 please check your junk mail.. cause it's not junk..

I'm having email migration issues at the mo', as I've got a new (to me) PC for the internet and I've not figured things out yet.

Pete, sorry to butt in on your thread.. so Thats why none of my emails have been going through.. I need you to read my last post:


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