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Oblivion - 2013

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judd stephens:
I liked Oblivion.  It didn't feel right seeing Tom Cruise as a techie repairman type guy, so the twist where he was once the leader of the human resistance made more sense, both for him as an actor and the story.  Probably the sci-fi and hollywood community will give the clone-thing a rest for before it gets too played out.  (Moon, Never Let me Go, Obvlivion)

If you liked Moon, have you seen Duncan Jones's (son of David Bowie) other movie, Source Code?  That is fantastic!  Neat quantum physics-type twist to the end... see that kind of ending to me is what helps make a film unforgettable.

Speaking of unforgettable, District 9 was such to me... which is why the sophomore effort Elysium by that director was a let down- it's watchable but I had higher expectations.  With Elysium, Matt Damon and Jodie Foster were capable, and I like Sharlto Copley but I thought he played the bad guy way over the top, along with the Mexican arms/immigrant smuggler- their characters were kind of a distraction.   The look was there, but the story seemed to lack the soul that District 9 had.  I think Drone On and I have already had this discussion and you didn't like District 9?  If you liked Elysium, to me District 9 was a lot more exciting with more complexity to the main character and the story. 

judd stephens:
Just to add to something because that commentary was overly harsh on Elysium:  The first half of the movie is really solid, and I was completely hooked.  The special effects are top-notch.  That moment where Matt Damon blows away the first robocop into a million bits is incredible.  I wish the second half, which was the action-half, had more of that.  Instead, enter Kruger and his mercenary buddies, and the android cops are barely even seen again.

They could have kept the Kruger character completely out, and let this movie be about Jodie Foster as the evil secretary, the corporate boss on earth for his relatively short stint, and the army of robocops.  That would have given the movie the colder, more artificial contrast of machines & soulless assholes who keep the pristine Elysium running. 

drone on:
I liked District 9 a lot, too. Moon is excellent too.

For a great space travel film you gotta see Europa Report.  A mix of 2001, Prometheus, Gravity, Apollo 18..puts the science back in science fiction.  Great acting, smart, awesome visuals.

Julio Di Benedetto:
Enjoyed Oblivion....saw it when it came out.  The balance between content and action was better than what hollywood usually dishes out...all action!

At the end of the movie when the second Tom Cruise arrived at the lake house, made me wonder what the heroine of the movie would do with all these Tom Cruise character around....a bit of weird ending in my mind.


--- Quote from: Julio Di Benedetto on January 15, 2014, 07:01:20 AM ---........made me wonder what the heroine of the movie would do with all these Tom Cruise character around....a bit of weird ending in my mind.

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