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Matt Borghi
« on: January 12, 2014, 04:11:13 PM »
I come here to discover new music, and I believe many others do to. So ...

Well, I wanted let Matt know how much I have been enjoying his music, and I thought the best place to do it would be on this forum. For me, Matt has become one of those few artists whose music I buy without previewing. I love everything he has done and I want to support him. Several of his albums, including Huronic Minor, The Phantom Light, and Ghost Ship on a Black Sea, portray the mystery of the Great Lakes. I grew up in Michigan myself and can appreciate the allure of those lakes. Standing on the shore, they might as well be oceans. Matt has captured, in is those recordings, the melancholy and haunted past of life of those lakes. For me, track one of Ghost Ship on a Black Sea, drips with rust and sadness, so much so that I have to be prepared to hear it. It's for quiet reflective evenings and moves me into a deep place every time. His last two recordings are an unusual pairing with sax player Michael Teager. Does sax and ambient work? Oh yeah. Like a score to a modern film noir. Matt and Michael explore other mysteries of empty city-scapes in shadow and loneliness. "Awaken the Electric Air" was recorded live on Star's End, but it sounds as good as a studio recording, and no audience noise. 

Samples can be heard on ...

I hope someone discovers Matt Borghi and enjoys him as I have.

Thanks Matt.

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Re: Matt Borghi
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2014, 11:52:11 PM »
It's funny you should mention "Huronic Minor" because I just, by coincidence, put that on my stereo tonight about 30 minutes before logging on and reading your post.  Hadn't listened to it in a while but it is a really terrific album.  I picked it up what seems like 10 years or so ago when it was originally put out as an disc.  I think maybe I need to check out some of his recent work.