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Twin Peaks fans should have a look


Richard Beymer, the actor who played Benjamin Horne (Audrey's dad, the guy who owned the Great Northern Hotel), posted a photo gallery of some pictures he took behind the scenes while shooting Twin Peaks.  To some degree this is meant as a tie-in to a recent book he wrote, but I think it's an amazing and strange glimpse behind the scenes of one of my favorite pop-culture-slash-art exercises ever.



Chad Hoefler:
Interesting find, Mike!  I recently ordered "The Definitive Gold Box Edition" of Twin Peaks (been on Lynch kick lately). 

Some very neat shots !

We are into the new Gold box set right now.

Beymer was in a Murder She Wrote we watched two days ago... :)

I think he was in a Star Trek Deep Space Nine that I saw not too long ago, too.


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