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NEW - The Winterhouse: Gathering Autumn

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THE WINTERHOUSE :: Gathering Autumn

A special new 2CD release from the studios of Robert Davies and APK, and the
fifth in The Winterhouse series of lush and expressive ambient landscapes and
explorations. The theme is autumn, the mood sombre and introspective, the music
detailed and intimate.

The album is available as a physical release or as a download.
CD version includes a pro printed glossy card of the cover image.

There is a player with a full set of samples and tracklist at the link below:
The Winterhouse - Gathering Autumn @ DataObscura
please do have a listen.

Comments always welcome.
Many thanks.


Looks awesome as always, APK.

That is a beautiful looking cover

The cover image is of a piece of art by Robert Davies.
It is pretty sharp.

El culto:
Just a side note to all the cover praising here which seems to be the main issue about that release here  ;D - The samples sounds great in case anyone is interested about it.



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