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Ambient 019
« on: Yesterday at 06:35:25 PM »
Another one from 2009 from my ambient vault.  First part sound like steve roach - light fantastic kind of, and the second part reminds me little bit of oophoi - forgoten riturals or atleast that was the influences for this recording to make something along these lines.

All are done in real time and all sounds trigged with my midi keyboard. I can't honestly remember what reverb I was using for thins one, it could had been Aether (it could benefit a lot from a better high quality reverb)

Again I am saving up to acquire a new sound interface and midi keyboard which I had to sold off (have only been able to play music thru my smartphone in the last 6 months)  so I can record music again year 2017 that is my goal I feel inspired to do it now again.