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Thanks to Mike

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Not just for running Hypnos, managing the forum and doing all the other things that make him all round nice guy...

but also for responding so quickly to the crappy spammers - pages and pages of the crap tooday!!!!

Sure it is not something he enjoys spending his valuable time on so big thanks and thumbs up - we love you Mike 8)

Yay Mike and moderators!

I think its funny how most of the spammers are advertising pills.
Do you think they are trying to tell us something ;D ;D


Thanks, everybody. Actually managing the spammers has been easier the past year or two, due to anti-spam plugins added to the forum software. The overnight onslaught was kind of unusual.

I'm glad people see this forum as a good place to gather and discuss thing. If you enjoy the forum, the best thing you can do to help it thrive is post a lot!


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