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I am asking myself the question , should I buy the k812 and save up for them ? is it the ultimate studio headphone for music production ?

my DT880 does not deliver the sparkly high end for ambient music that I have in my k240 studio.
I am happy with my DT880 for other styles of music but the high end is very saturated...

I have heard a lot of good things about K812, usually AKG have had their strengths and weaknesses, but
this headphones seem to getting good feedback and seem to be more balanced through the whole spectrum...

The minus side is...they are very very expensive...I wonder how the price curve will develop during the next coming months..or if we can expect this pricing staying like this for a longer period.

The k812 seem to on the outside to have much in common with the K701 and K702 but in fact it has nothing in common complete new design and driver.

it turns out that these headphones do not get a very flat measurements...we will see if other sites get similar  results...
sometimes there is sample variance also in the initial cycle of a new headphone product.


--- Quote from: elyon8 on April 22, 2014, 09:23:05 AM ---I have AKG K702 Reference Studio Headphones and love them. The high end is perfect in my opinion, the overall range 10Hz to 40KHz.

--- End quote ---

as I stated k812 and k701 have 0% in common :)
but I am glad you liked your k702.  Around the same time k702 was released I did a lot of research I ended up
with the Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro. I find this very good for guitar driven music like metal.
But for electronic music I want new headphones. Well I guess it was about 8 years ago I bought my DT880 it is high time to look into alterntives and buy a new pair but yet this many years later there is no "obvious" choice.
I guess if Beyerdynamic release some headphone for studio use with tesla drivers I will be very intetreted the T1 sounds more "good" then "honest" perhaps.  But my DT1350 have tesla drivers I really like the fast transient response in these, all details sounds very fast and clear.

I had beyerdynamic for many years - then got a pair of Grado 325si - I'd highly recommend trialling these too.


--- Quote from: Seren on April 23, 2014, 09:59:58 AM ---I had beyerdynamic for many years - then got a pair of Grado 325si - I'd highly recommend trialling these too.

--- End quote ---

I have had the chance to try the Grado, I know one place in my town who got them..I should maybe try them.

I want to point out, it is not a problem to sound headphones that sound extremely good, the hard part is to find headphones which sounds both good AND have accurate with good measurements. Using them for studio use they are simply useless without them being accurate you can't mix with them.. I do not know how flat and accurate the Grados are, but I know they are highly regarded on HiFi forums. 


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