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Ultima Thule's 25th anniversary new music project


From the Ultima Thule facebook page - am very pleased to be in such esteemed company : :)

'I am delighted to announce that the day of reckoning for Ultima Thule's 25th anniversary new music project is upon us !
Back in October 2013 I invited many of the artists whose music we've supported over the last quarter century to consider creating a new, unreleased piece of music for us, inspired by the theme "going beyond the borders".
The response has been overwhelming, with nearly 40 artists submitting a total of 34 original musical creations, ranging across a gamut of ambient styles.
Ultima Thule is delighted and honoured to premiere the first 13 of these on our 1008th broadcast, this Sunday 9th February.

The featured artists are: Richard Bone, Al Gromer Khan, Peter Miller, Mediadogs, Markus Reuter, Igneous Flame, Robert Rich, Paul Avgerinos, Numina, Steve Roach, Chad Kettering, Terra Ambient and Darshan Ambient.'

Listeners can stream the show live from 22:30 Australian Eastern Summer Time here:
They will also be able to hear this episode in high-quality streaming audio on demand approximately one week later here:

Congratulations on that. Those are some excellent names to be amongst.

Yes, congrats Pete.  Well done.  Looking forward to hearing your contribution.

I'm in one of the other anniversary programs to come, but not sure which one.


Video for my track 'Floe'


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