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drone on:
Have you unearthed from your mountain of CD's lately something you forgot about or never gave a really good listen to?  I've been on this kick lately of primarily listening to stuff I never play, with surprising results.  So far here's what I got:

Ian Boddy--- the DiN label download series.  Man, much of this material should have been on CD and is even better than the regular releases.

Cell--Live at Kumharas 2006.  This is simply a psy trance masterpiece,from this Ultimae artist.  Can't believe I let this one gather dust for so long.

What are your dug up treasures?

"Cell--Live at Kumharas 2006.  This is simply a psy trance masterpiece."

Totally agree. It's in my all-time favorite list. Brilliant piece of work.

I recently pulled out Broken Voyage by Kelly David--after the new release with Roach came out. I recall liking this when it came out 12 years ago, but I had completely forgotten about it. It stands the test of time well. But, I'm a bit reluctant to admit that some of the tribal ambient layers don't quite resonate with me the same way they used to.

drone on:
And I had that Cell album on CD and sold it!!!  Damn do I regret that one, impossible to find on disc..not even listed on Discogs.

The Kelly David I did have, bought when it first came out around 2002.  I remember liking it, maybe have to reinvestigate...

Got to agree on the Cell album - excellent stuff. 

I just stumbled across something last week and now I'm totally forgetting what it was.  Ack!  I can't remember. 


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