Author Topic: Did somebody want to talk about whisky or whiskey?  (Read 6500 times)

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Re: Did somebody want to talk about whisky or whiskey?
« Reply #60 on: March 24, 2014, 03:23:57 PM »
Some recent drams...... :)

I will keep going back to this one.....theres some much toffee and orange in this your think you can taste chocolate but thats in your head...Wow, and this is no dessert it has plenty of power on the nose and palette.

This is an unusual one.....theres a beeswax sense to it that is intriguing and a little strange in a good way.....worth trying!

At $29 I said to myself with a snob like get what you pay for but I had seen ratings up at 93 points from whiskey magazines so......they are right, its quite amazing and you might ask yourself if there is some Gaelic magic going on that can put a bottle of $29 malt in the same range as a 94 point, $90 bottle of Lagavulin (Whiskey Advocates Magazine).  Only on way to find out ;)