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True Detective

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I just realized that although everybody I know on Facebook and in "real life" is mad about the new HBO show True Detective, I haven't  seen anyone mention it here yet.

I think it's the best show on television, powerfully acted, superbly directed, and the writing is just out of this world. The season finale (the first season is only 8 episodes) is this Sunday. Anybody here watching?

Darn. Hadn't even heard of it. Will have to give it a look.

I just started watching it this week, finished up episode 6 last night. Yeah it's good, but the best show on TV right now? Maybe, not a lot of competition right now.

Bill Binkelman:
Kathryn and I have watched from week 1. Agreed...it is OUTSTANDING writing and Matthew Mc C is amazing, as is Woody H. Ranks up there with The Shield and Justified, IMO.


--- Quote from: LNerell on March 06, 2014, 10:37:43 PM ---...Yeah it's good, but the best show on TV right now? Maybe, not a lot of competition right now.

--- End quote ---

Actually, I'd argue we're in a historically noteworthy era of high-quality television. The cable networks, particularly HBO and Showtime but also AMC and others, have enabled and even encouraged intelligent, serious (or funny) and above all challenging storytelling.

I know it's long been considered a truism to say "Everyone knows there's nothing but shit on TV," and I've been anti-television for a good portion of my life... but I feel that lately it's a thriving entertainment medium.

On HBO alone, there's True Detective, Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones (not to mention Californication, Girls and others). Can anyone name a time in history when a single network or channel had three shows as compelling as these, all at the same time? It's not just HBO. Homeland is amazing, and American Horror Story, and Hannibal, and on and on. I was a TV-hater from my late teens until roughly the time of Sopranos, but I'm convinced things have really changed. Some great writers and directors are moving to TV from film, instead of vice versa.


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