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FSP / Brendan Pollard / Hashtronaut - Time Out Of Mind (2009)

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Really good berlin school absolutely euphoric!

drone on:
FSP is awesome!  Too long since their last release

FSP indeed is a great project, still think the first album is a real stunner;
btw, there's another nice studio session of FSP and Mr Pollard on Brendan Pollard & More -6 (or was it 5?), which is available as cd-r or dl.
find a review of the album on my site, incl. a link to Brendan's site.........

yes I can agree FSP needs to release some new stuff.. but I think in the last few years Brendan Pollard and CO have released the best Berlin school in my opnion.

this album is really the highest form of berlin school too.. very very solid.. it reach the FSP quality without question.

same with this album

drone on:
Check out "Moyland" by FSP, also "Gent" is great live album.


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