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Looking for ambient music with a lot of E-bowed guitars

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I have come to the conclusion most of the ambient music I like most have e-bowed guitars...
Feel free to recommend me albums with a lot of e-bow..

Dave Michuda:
Here's a couple that might work, each with a Bandcamp link...


Scott Solter - One River

Christopher Short

Also some of my favorite mixes of all time are the Great Axescapes series of guitar ambient done by one-time Hypnos forum member, Alan Lockett.  He used to have them available for download but it looks like the files are no longer there.  Here's a link to his Mixcloud page... Albient Mixcloud.

Scroll down to find the Great Axescapes series.  Each name is a variation of "while my guitar gently sleeps" with titles like "Great axescapes vi: guitar wetly sleeps" or "Great axescapes 3: guitar feltly creeps."  Highly recommended.

I love ambient guitar so I'm looking forward to other folks' recommendations.

Scott M2:
Anomalous Disturbances springs to mind. Lots of e-bow, guitar synth and looping.

Scott M2:
Jim Field of Northumbria has a good hand on the e-bow and looping.

drone on:
Steve Roach--Midnight Moon (and a lot of his music after this release, such as Fever Dreams series, Vidna Obmana's Surreal Sanctuary on Hypnos...)

Suso Saiz-- Hypnotics (long sold out but downloads available I'm pretty sure)

Jorge Reyes--lots of his music, especially collaboration with Saiz, Suspended Memories, etc)

Mo Boma--Extreme label duo used this a lot

David Sylvian collabs with Holger Czukay...


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