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A nice video of the Moog Guitar

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For the time being the video is on their front page.  Check out Lou Reed with the guitar.

Here are the specs:

Hopefully they will eventually make a cheaper version in the future.

Scott M2:
Hey - It's only $6,495.00    :o

Yes, but those are some fine handmade guitars.  I think when the start mass producing them with bolt-on necks and non-figured wood the price will become more reasonable.

I listened some sound of this instrument on youtube;

Very good sustain study I admit! far from rock guitar stupid-filtering ideas.

Result seem also really more better than Fernandes systems and Sustaniac too; even if .. please do not forget Sustaniac old model is the heart of Robert Rich lap steel magnificient sound!

In any case the price above mentioned is simply absurd.

It come in my mind a chat with sir Jeff Pearce some years ago,
when I asking him about his beatiful guitar sound processing ...

he surprised me with his usual irony, saying "Giorgio, yo just need a volume pedal..."

?! I realized afterward he was right!! (of course), and he was serious on his statement!

I think you can realize with a standard guitar with a volume pedal
an half of sounds I listened coming with this toy for millionaires  ... :)


Yep, Giorgio and Jeff are right, the volume pedal is a major ambient guitar tool and very cheap too.

Not sure about this Moog guitar, I would certainly like to try one out mind you - but I don't think there
is much chance of that :)

Incidentally, I used to have a Gibson RD Artist

I had the maple body version, which had a Moog designed circuit onboard, with a fantastic compressor and
some bizarre eq circuits. Best bloody guitar I ever had that one, wish I'd never sold it.



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