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What is Youtube to you?

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It's getting kind of complicated and I'm not very good at reading long posts I should say, but there's still some interesting discussion going on here, in my view. Yes, some people should perhaps be a tad more circumspect regarding being overly direct - which could be interpreted as being personal. God knows there was some 'evil' stuff (personal attacks galore) going on years ago particularly regarding politics and the like, thankfully Mike (G) knocked that on the head.

Mike (Altus) has a pretty active Youtube channel so I think his points are certainly relevant as he sees a value in using Youtube as a promotional tool. I try to do so myself, as one of my motivations is that I actually like creating the video 'eye-candy', it's something I enjoy doing.

Unless I'm mistaken the Youtube tagging thing has changed, I can't see any tagging options recently (?) 

Scott M2:
I've found this thread interesting and stimulating. I think discussions and arguments between worthy participents are valuable but can easily end up with feathers ruffled and some cuts suffered when people swing too hard. Hopefully retreating from a thread or the forum for a week instead of leaving altogether is a viable strategy because we value our long distance friends here. Cheers!


--- Quote from: petekelly on April 05, 2014, 09:45:38 AM ---Unless I'm mistaken the Youtube tagging thing has changed, I can't see any tagging options recently (?)
--- End quote ---
Tags entered by the video creator are invisible to the end-user, but are used when searching and YT displaying related video suggestions.

El culto:

--- Quote from: elyon8 on April 22, 2014, 04:39:43 PM ---I think that we now in modern time are allowed to be tremendously open minded for more variety of sound and sound awareness.

--- End quote ---

"allowed……for more variety of sound and sound awareness"  ???

Why we wasn´t allowed to be open minded before this modern time?


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