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What is Youtube to you?

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--- Quote from: Altus on March 30, 2014, 09:07:54 AM ---Audio quality is far from stellar on YouTube, but for the purposes of sampling or discovering music, it's certainly good enough.

I don't agree that sites like PayPal and Bandcamp are greedy for taking a cut. They're businesses. They have overhead costs and staff that need to be paid. This money has to come from somewhere.

Regarding Bandcamp, their pricing structure is very fair. By the way, they only take 10%, which is ridiculously low.

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Last time I checked it was 30% I guess.. it is lower now then good..10% is humane.. but payal takes probably another 10% .. I did read paypal is going to have extra high fee for music album sales also..  Paypal are greedy.
They must become very rich I really wonder what they do with all that money.

I stand by what I said about Paypal - they take a cut from everyone, all those ebay sales - everything. They are rolling in it.

Slightly off-topic, I used to think Youtube was just vehicle for inanity and general juvenile stuff that didn't interest me, but now I think it's a valuable resource for information and news which is out of the reach of the mainstream media. Sure, there's a pile of nonsense there, but using your judgement, you can find out about things that you wouldn't do ordinarily.


--- Quote from: petekelly on March 30, 2014, 09:56:26 AM ---I stand by what I said about Paypal - they take a cut from everyone, all those ebay sales - everything. They are rolling in it.

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Yeah paypal is almost unusable if you ask me. it is ok as a buyer for small sums.. but not for bigger sums then the fee rate gets absurd. As a cd seller on Ebay the paypal fee takes away all profit margins whick makes it almost meaningless .  I do not even understand why everyone use paypal anymore when there is so many similiar services but with better rates..I wish more did boycott it.

Isn't it the case that you can upload higher quality audio with YouTube if you want? As with their video options too. It isn't all the same low quality.

And not everyone feels the need for the very best quality audio, many are using low budget audio systems/ear buds etc. and would probably be happy to have the album for free at that quality.

I'm surprised that people don't mention the streaming on Bandcamp. If all the tracks are streaming and it is so easy to record that stream, then it is like having free albums to download. I only just discovered that on Bandcamp you have to be a Pro user and pay a monthly fee to be able to turn a track into non-streamable.

I'm on the side of an artist's personal rights. Putting up an odd sample or perhaps a track is not so bad, but putting up a whole album without permission is ignoring those rights and ownership. People should be more respectful.

I rarely preview albums via YouTube unless they appear in the Discog's video pane when I'm looking something up.

Here is what I have observed regarding my own purchasing habits:

1. I'm more likely to buy something when I can first stream the entire release. Although I think it is wise for labels and artists to put previews, montages, ans samples on their websites, the simple fact of the matter is that I'm risk adverse; I am more likely to spend money on something I've heard and know I will like than something I can only preview in 30 sec clips.

There is no shortage of good music out there. I buy about 1 CD and maybe 2 digital albums a week. Why pay for something that you can't be sure about when you can buy something you know you like?

2. Bandcamp provides an incredibly convenient mechanism for pre-viewing potential purchases. Moreover, because of the social media component, a large number of my purchases are based on seeing what like-minded people are buying. One of the fun parts of Bandcamp is that it enables you to "follow" other fans and see, via a feed, what they are buying. This is a great way to learn about new music. (And it involves no active social media presence on the part of the artist or label. Bandcamp, in other words, provides free  advertising via word of mouth. Not bad for a 10% cut that also covers hosting fees.)

3. About 50% to 66% of my purchases are digital. I'm a collector at heart, so I'd always rather have physical media than digital files. But I can't afford to buy that much material and the shipping costs from overseas are killer. The implication of this I that I'm more likely to buy a digital album if it is priced well. I would probably drop 5 USD on an album that I like with no debate. But if I see a digital album for close to 10 USD when the CD is 12 USD, sometimes I end up in a state of indecision that simply leads me to buy something else entirely.


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