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What is Youtube to you?

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I rarely preview albums via YouTube unless they appear in the Discog's video pane when I'm looking something up.

Here is what I have observed regarding my own purchasing habits:

1. I'm more likely to buy something when I can first stream the entire release. Although I think it is wise for labels and artists to put previews, montages, ans samples on their websites, the simple fact of the matter is that I'm risk adverse; I am more likely to spend money on something I've heard and know I will like than something I can only preview in 30 sec clips.

There is no shortage of good music out there. I buy about 1 CD and maybe 2 digital albums a week. Why pay for something that you can't be sure about when you can buy something you know you like?

2. Bandcamp provides an incredibly convenient mechanism for pre-viewing potential purchases. Moreover, because of the social media component, a large number of my purchases are based on seeing what like-minded people are buying. One of the fun parts of Bandcamp is that it enables you to "follow" other fans and see, via a feed, what they are buying. This is a great way to learn about new music. (And it involves no active social media presence on the part of the artist or label. Bandcamp, in other words, provides free  advertising via word of mouth. Not bad for a 10% cut that also covers hosting fees.)

3. About 50% to 66% of my purchases are digital. I'm a collector at heart, so I'd always rather have physical media than digital files. But I can't afford to buy that much material and the shipping costs from overseas are killer. The implication of this I that I'm more likely to buy a digital album if it is priced well. I would probably drop 5 USD on an album that I like with no debate. But if I see a digital album for close to 10 USD when the CD is 12 USD, sometimes I end up in a state of indecision that simply leads me to buy something else entirely.


--- Quote from: APK on March 30, 2014, 11:34:09 AM ---Isn't it the case that you can upload higher quality audio with YouTube if you want?
--- End quote ---
Yup. Like Immersion said, you can encode your file with uncompressed audio so it only gets compressed once instead of twice when uploading to YouTube. That's what I do.

Regarding Bandcamp, if someone is going to rip the streams (there's a very easy way to do it via Firefox), they weren't going to buy it anyway. Just another form of piracy I guess. Agreed it's a shame they don't allow you to choose which tracks you want available to stream without paying $10/month.

Immersion, that sucks about the high rates you're getting for PayPal. In Canada, the rate is 2.9% + $0.30 (i.e. $3.20 fee on a $100 sale). I guess the rate is higher in different countries? Believe me, I've heard horror stories about PayPal, but I've been using them for years to buy stuff and receive money through my site. Never had an issue.

And what are they doing with all that money? Probably rolling around in it. ::)

Julio Di Benedetto:
I think because Im so used to watch videos, mostly Youtube and sometimes Vimeo, of for example surfing footage or TED or gear demo's or silly / funny cat videos on my girlfriends Facebook page I don't  associate Youtube with piracy and artist rights.  It really never occurred to me.

As Ive said Youtube is a resource for me to listen to demos of music I can find fuller length examples or to discover artist music Im not familiar with which assists me in my purchasing decisions.

Have I ever used Youtube as a Video Jukebox....yes, not for ambient but more for music from my teenage years, pop and synth pop.  I'll get an Abba song stuck in my head and have to hear it  :o

As for anyone recording a youtube stream....why both ???

Personally I dont feel Youtube music videos are the same as file sharing, maybe because of the visual element where posters have gone to often great lengths to create a montage to accompany the music that they did not write but are posting.  File sharing had / has a hoarding characteristic to it....."70,000 song and counting and all free"

I suppose though infringement is infringement when you boil it down.

Julio Di Benedetto:

--- Quote from: ffcal on March 31, 2014, 07:25:16 AM ---This past week, Sam at Projekt made me aware of a site that not only had links to my music that had been posted to youtube in video form, but also had stripped the music from the videos and made them available as MP3s.  The fidelity is of course not the same, but besides the rights issue, that's a problem, too, if you don't want to see your music being presented in a lo-fi fashion.

--- End quote ---

This really does illustrate  your point.....the rights issue and the lo fi aspect after all the precious time mixing and mastering.  That would make me rather  >:(

El culto:
IMO the howling concerning copyright issue on Youtube is completely overrated in the discussion.

I have a Youtube account and for each new release I upload at last one music video (sometimes 2 videos). Each week I use the search on Youtube to check for possible illegal uploads. If somethings appears, I simply use the copyright complain form provided by Youtube - almost always the illegal content is deleted between 2-4 hours. So, the copyright concerns some are mentioning here seems to me like a "phantom complaining discussion" because everyone has clearly the option to control/sort out that matter by doing something actively.



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