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Laptop Cooling Pads

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Julio Di Benedetto:
Just purchased this Zalman NC3000U Laptop cooling pad for my 17" Macbook Pro.....$43.  Seems the most power at the least db 17.  Not sure if Ive just bought a glorified spacer that would be better cooling me down or not. 

I have enjoyed my Macbook but for low volume mixing & mixing in general through monitors the fan adds way too much noise.  I see an iMac in my future but for now Im hoping this may cool things down a bit.


El culto:
Hi Julio,

as heat goes up, i don´t think this will improve a lot….my Macbook was going to be very hot on the keyboard…now i´ve installed 2x SSD (one by replacing the DVD) and the temperatures decreased massively. Though I have to say, I´m using a 2012 model while all the 2011 (and previous) models do had this problems about heating on the button. So, this cooling pad may work for you, but I think you may can improve it even more by using an complete aluminum heatsink (no fan needed) + replacing the HD by an SSD.


Julio Di Benedetto:
Ok Tomas, makes sense.  I did replace the HD with SSD but not the dvd drive....most of the heat is from the middle back towards the lcd to the left where the thunderbolt, USB & Firewire ports are.   No heat on the button here.  The heat sink sounds interesting. Can you post a link or describe what you mean.  I did see a thermpak heat absorption pad that seemed decent but people said that once it got warmed up after a few hours of heavy use it just acted like a blanket and made matters worse.

El culto:

I have something like this:



I´ve turned this block so the Macbook is lying on the flat side (you can´t see in the pictures above) - improves the heat issues at lot for me and, as side effect, the fan is also quite! Just keep an eye that the block has enough height (mine has 6 cm, but i think 4cm should be fine as well).


Scott M2:
Jamie and I (dreamSTATE) use PC laptops and have been employing simple rubber spacers (about 3/4") which we slip under the back corners to allow more airflow and it works quite well.

Some artists performing with MACs at THE AMBiENT PiNG have had crashes from the extra heat of stage lights and such. Bases with fans like you have seem to help with that problem, so from my observations, this will be a help.


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