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ANODIZE tactile visual audio


Always limited and eminently collectable, Anodize titles exude silver in all its opulent glory. Issued in editions of 100-150 manufactured CDs housed in unique rectangular tins, Anodize remains committed to the physical CD, with its audiovisual synergy and superfine dynamics.

Spring has finally arrived here at Anodize HQ, and with it, the first releases of the new season. As can be seen from the cover icons above, this year's eclectic and diverse lineup continues, featuring artists who restlessly seek to stretch boundaries, wrestle with genre preconception, and ultimately forge an abundance of captivating, invigorating soundworlds.

RAPOON Conduits and Estuaries (AD1402) / AVAILABLE LATE APRIL
Samples / preorder:

This month we're very pleased to present the new release by Robin Storey, aka Rapoon, who has built up one of the more formidable catalogs in electronica, and whose outing here, Conduits and Estuaries, captures his singular module motions live and in the moment. Recorded in 2011 during his performance at Northeast NJ's One Thousand Pulses concert series, Rapoon's knack for arch sonic ritualism and ragged, primordial irruptions make for truly mutant atmospheres. After thirty-plus years, the Rapoon imperative shows no signs of age; in fact, Conduits and Estuaries reveals that Storey's imagistic sleight of hand has never been sharper.

Samples / preorder:

Dutch electronic artist Lingua Lustra makes his Anodize debut with this six-track work of elegaic, expansive electronics. Previous releases on Databloem earmarked him as one of the more intrepid space adventurists on the gantry. Arc does just that, auguring a luminous narrative that moves a ever-shifting realm of landscape and strange fauna. Performed on a variety of analog and digital instruments, programmed live, a journey into deep space, pondering the infinite, landing on Earth.

WITHIN REASON Farshadow (AD1404) / JUNE
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Within Reason is the nom de disque of Gregory Kyryluk, who also composes achingly original, folded-space music as Alpha Wave Movement. Processing aberrant, mutant strains of post-Augustus Pablo dub with the latest state-of-the-art dreadnought synthesis, Within Reason travels through boulevards adjunct to the Basic Channel/Chain Reaction contingent, ingeniously devising a truly original take on the now well-worn ambientdubtechno soundgrid.

Samples / preorder:

Mick Chillage's rise in electronica circles has been fairly meteoric, further illustrated by not one but two releases gracing the label this year. Known for solo recordings on labels such as the late, lamented FAX and his Autumn of Communion collaborative project with Lee Norris, the second volume of which was released on Anodize in 2013, Chillage's latest, Pixels, walks through a curious forest of sprightly electronic undergrowth and subtle, whispery rhythm patterns. Later in the summer, Chillage reveals the drum machine dada of his mysterious electro project, temporarily operating under the alias of Aglow Abuzz.

STILL OF SERIOUS INTEREST / There are a few copies remaining of last year's Anodize releases:

> WITHIN REASON Transient Broadcasts (AD1301) |
More superb, innovative ambientdubtech & interstatial thrust & thrum from the man who also trades as Alpha Wave Movement

> AUTUMN OF COMMUNION Autumn of Communion 2 (AD1302) |
Already considered one of the best ambient albums of 2013, Lee Norris & Mick Chillage follow-up their former Fax release with another edition of well-wrought, multi-dimensional soundtracks & strange, errant pulsations

> ISHQAMATICS Earthbound (AD1303) |
Lee Norris, aka Norken, Metamatics, et al, teaming up with UK sound portraitist ISHQ to yield an original work of austere, rugged beauty set adrift amongst fields of occasionally thorny rhythmic patterns

> ROBERT RICH Morphology (AD1304) |
Recorded on May 15, 2010 in New Jersey, USA at the One Thousand Pulses concert series, masterful electronic musician Robert Rich set the surrounding environs to light, skillfully utilizing both hands-on analog gear, controllers, and homemade wind instruments to realize a true one-of-a-kind listening experience that could only have been witnessed in a live setting. Now it's silver imprinted to be enjoyed outside it's original recording space.

And in the months to follow, a number of items we're very excited about, including a 2-CD edition/reissue of Emerald Web's classic 80s album Catspaw, the return of former R&S artist and veteran UK electronica/IDMer David Morley, and finally making its CD debut, a two-disc reissue of the obscure but influential synth/synth-pop recording by Texas musician Patrick Keel, better known as The Pool.

Thanks for your continuing interest & support of Anodize and their respective artists. More to come!

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