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2014 Hypnos release schedule?

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drone on:
Hi, haven't seen any news about what's coming next this year and what month it's out?  Please let us know Mike!  Greatly anticipating Martian Chronicles 2 and Max Corbacho as well.

Hi Drone On

We've got the Subradial release ICE DIVING finally into production so that will be released around the end of this month, possibly the very beginning of May.

We've got the sequel to Martian Chronicles and Max Corbacho, as you mentioned. Possibly also some solo Seren Ffordd, and a Numina, and Dave Fulton. I need to make some progress on getting those moved forward before I promise dates for those. I really do intend to get several items moved along this summer, and make a dent in this backlog.

Here's a look at the cover for ICE DIVING.

judd stephens:
best cover in the history of the universe.

Seriously. I can't stop starting at it. Very cool.

Glad you guys like it. I'll post a higher-res version soon.


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