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Dan Pound - Eros Thanatos


Morpheus Music:
Smooth, flowing ambient.
Eros Thanatos is an eminently serene disc of lush, velvety texture and rich sonic colour. Dan Pound uses deeply-effected guitar sounds as the basis for this album - although you would rarely perceive that such a familiar stringed instrument was employed except for perhaps the sliding tones of Between Breaths or the soft fingerings at the start of From Beyond. The meandering, sonorous layers reverberate weightlessly rising and falling from silence: delicate at times, faint, subtle; dreamy and charming in places; mysterious in others, shadowy, inhabited by peculiarly organic presences; there are tribal passages of sober intensity and sparkling sequence dances. The multi-voiced guitar sounds at the root of the music are enhanced by a range of analog and digital synths, piano-like impressions, distant chanting voices, woody flutes, water effects and infrequent lazy, percussive beats.
Eros Thanatos is a jewel-case release with a single sheet insert. Imagery centres on a stark, leafless tree curving sidewards as if frozen within an invisible wind. On the front panel the strong colours of an amber-hued field and indigo mountain range make the lifeless branches all the more stark - grey sky above. On the rear, the image is repeated in monochrome - softer, simpler. Track titles in black hang in the sky; credits and contacts in white lie in the grass. On opening up the case the disc again repeats the cover shot, echoed still further behind the plastic grip. The left-most sheet zooms in on the field, the colours and textures of bright stalks and interlaced blades filling the entire space: word-free.
Ambient musician/composer Dan Pound delivers his latest album of exploratory three dimensional sound in the form of Eros Thanatos - a title suggesting love and death. Dan takes the listener through a range of drifting expanses and textural zones: mostly beatless, faintly primal, spacey, dreamy, down into disquieting gloom and back into celestial light. Eight tracks in all, mostly around the seven to ten minute mark allowing for unrushed development and expression. Dan explains: "After trying on some newly acquired guitar effects, I decided to do a whole album dedicated to these guitar sound worlds I was discovering... I was able to extrapolate a myriad of tonal timbres that resembled other instruments like organ, strings, oboes, bassoons and even human voices. Adding of course some deep layers of reverb, this sound set ended up being one of the most originally challenging and creative projects I've ever done." You can find out more about this release and other Dan Pound music via the official Dan Pound website where there are sound samples and opportunities to download tracks in different formats; there is also Dan's Facebook page where a variety of news and personal details are provided.


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