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El culto:
Pete, i think itīs  relevant as all those issue canīt be separated…..the forum issue was just an example, but if you look in a more open view, itīs all connected to each other.

As I said:

"Itīs like anywhere…artists want to be loved and admired even they know those responses very often are just blabla or simply based on to leave a comment for a good will. For many artists itīs like a mental masturbation to feel valuable IMO."

For me this connects very much to your original question (" I see mostly comments of a overtly positive nature such as 'great track' etc., which surely isn't informative / instructive for anyone ?"


As an aspiring ambient musician, I agree with the points made so far. I've found it hard to get constructive feedback. It's not that I don't appreciate the positive feedback but sometimes, I'd like something more than just "good track".


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