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Low Light Mixes

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Dave Michuda:
My latest mix is up & running.  It's another in the Sunday Morning Music series.  This one is subtitled "1970s Recollections."  It's basically mellow, "Sunday morning" music from the 1970s.

Stream it here:

Download it here:
Low Light Mixes

Kraftwerk - Heimatklange 1973
King Crimson - Peace a Theme 1970
Nick Drake - Riverman 1969
Cat Stevens - The Wind 1971
Ralph Towner - Icarus 1974
Nue! - Leb Wohl 1975
Cluster - in ewigkeit 1976
Miles Davis - Recollections 1970
Kraftwerk - ananas symphonie 1973
Brian Eno - Julie With 1977
Eberhard Weber - Moana I 1976
Genesis - Horizons1972
Loudon Wainwright III - Lullaby 1973
Steve Tibbetts - The Secret 1977
Heldon 2 - In the Wake of King Fripp 1975
Brian Eno - Taking Tiger Mountain 1974

Dave Michuda:
I haven't posted about any of my mixes in a while but I figured this one was worth calling attention to.

It's a guest mix by the Hypnos Forums' own chris23.  Chris had never done a mix when I asked him to do one and he was a little hesitant but decided to give it a shot.  the result is an outstanding mix of neo-classical ambient goodness.

Download it here:
Low Light Mixes

Stream it here:

t r a c k l i s t :
Field Rotation - The Repetition of History
Ekca Liena and Spheruleus - Scrambling Radiosonde
From the Mouth of the Sun - Sitting in a Roofless Room
Orla Wren - Five Acre Ladder (Reprise)
Antonymes - Misshapen Beauty [ii]
The Seaman and the Tattered Sail - Her Whispers
Christoph Berg - Coda

Thanks Chris!!

Yay! Thanks, Dave. That was fun.


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