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Loren Nerell / Mark Seelig: Tree of Life

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Loren Nerell / Mark Seelig: Tree of Life
Limited edition of 500
Loren and Mark’s electro-acoustic debut merges the ambient soundworlds of Southeast Asia, North & South America with the spiritual influences of Bali and India. One part droney soundscape, one part tribal deliberation, and one part ethnological exploration,Tree of Life expands into a transformative experience. Loren’s deep understanding of Balinese music, coupled with his expertise in sound engineering, effortlessly complements Mark’s Bansuri flutes and harmonic overtone vocals and chants. Supported by Sarangi maestro Pankaj Mishra from India, and up-and-coming percussionist Max Link from Germany, the release follows up on ideas sparked during Loren and Mark’s first time on stage together at the 2010 SoundQuest Fest in Tucson Arizona.
“The Tree of Life is a nearly universal symbol found in many different spiritual and mythological traditions around the world,” Loren explains. “It symbolizes the interconnection of all life to our planet. From these many different traditions the names for each song were taken, many of which literally mean the Tree of Life.”
Tree of Life is a mesmerizing blend of ancient instruments, haunting voices, and whispers of Balinese and Indian wisdom traditions woven together with ambient field recordings; it takes the listener on a journey of life and its endless interconnections of this planet.

1. Wacah Chan
2. Cintamani
3. Yggdrasil
4. Kayon
5. Acacia
6. Arbor Vitae

You can download a copy now at bandcamp

Or pick it up at a special price as part of a duo package with Byron and Mark Seelig new album Intention here

sounds good! as always I am realling looking forward to hear your cds Loren!

I can't miss this one!!! Just ordered "Tree Of Life" and "Intention" CDs as a combo back from Byron Metcalf. I am quite sure both CDs will be strong competitors for Best of 2014 releases!!! I really look forward to dive deeply into these high-spirited shamanic performances!!!



World Premeir of the new album will be on SomaFM's Deep Space One channel this Tuesday. Here is the link to listen to in:

Tree of Life is on SomaFM right now. Click on the link above to hear the new album.


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