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The Moss Garden Sessions - ECM style ambient/jazz


Paul Vnuk (Ma Ja Le):
Hey friends,

Although not an ambient album in the strictest sense, last year I released a new album as part of a modern jazz trio call the Moss Garden Sessions.

I played drums as well as engineered and mixed the album.

Each song started life as a live in studio improvisation and if we liked what we just came up with, we would quickly start a second and even a third take of the newly birthed piece. The album was recorded and mixed old school, meaning very little editing and ZERO overdubs. On occasion we would merge takes like the begging of take one into take two just like they used to do it in the early days.

Most of the songs are heavily Eventide & TC effected guitars along with a miked Mesa Boogie Amp, soprano and tenor sax and a 4 piece 1966 Slingerland drum kit augmented with odd percussion bits and a remo mondo snare.

In a few spots we also added EWI instead of sax and korg wavedrum again all played live.

The album was mastered by Robert Rich at his studio and he did a fantastic job!

Chris Short of Ma Ja Le and Gerry Baccash join us on bass for three songs making it a quartet as well.

The album is available on itunes, amazon and you can get the physical CD from me or on CD Baby.

Or I just added it to bandcamp where you can preview the album as well as purchase it for a mere $8, if you are a hi-rez fan be sure to download the album as a 24-bit flac file.

I got a chance to listen to this in depth and it is freaking good.  It's jazz - but still with an ambient / atmospheric feel to it - but primarily jazz.  I recommend giving it a listen on bandcamp streaming and see if you like it.  I love live playing - and this is some really good live playing.

Paul Vnuk (Ma Ja Le):

--- Quote from: jkn on June 25, 2014, 09:06:46 AM ---It's jazz - but still with an ambient / atmospheric feel to it - but primarily jazz.
--- End quote ---

Thats an awesome quote John, I need to put that on the band camp page somewhere!


Paul Vnuk (Ma Ja Le):
Just bumping this back to the top for fans of Ambient'sh ECM style Jazz. Our album is now available on Apple Music if you have that service and want to check it out.

See post number one for more details on the album.



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