Author Topic: Techie question about HDTV purchase  (Read 4056 times)

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Techie question about HDTV purchase
« on: May 03, 2014, 08:31:21 AM »
This is a techie question for those of you who watch a fair amount of HDTV. I have to replace my 5 year old LCD Samsung due to ALL 4 of its HDMI ports quitting (a common problem with 2008-2010 models, apparently). I will be buying a 47 inch set (either LG or Samsung, most likely). I have been reading a lot that, in recent years, the 60Hz refresh rate LEDs has greatly improved in eliminating motion blur and that 120Hz actually can be worse due to the "soap opera" effect. On article on basically stated that thr upgrade from 60 to 120 Hz isn't worth the added expenditure (this was a 2013 article). I can save over 100 bucks buying a 60 Hz set. We don't play games (well, the VERY occasional Wii) and for sports, we only watch football or golf...we mostly watch cable TV and DVD movies (both standard and blu-ray), so I am considering a 60 Hz and 1080p set. My Samsung is a 120Hz 1080p set but we also have a LG 720p 60Hz set in the bedroom. Unless I sit within a foot, I have never seen blur from either set. So, what I am looking for is (a) general advice (whatever you want to offer) but more importantly (b) if you own a 60Hz set, do you ever see blur and is it a big issue for you? Thanks in advance for any and all opinions. With our HDMI ports out on the Samsung, we can't watch DVDs or use our Roku for streaming Netflix, which is a HUGE bummer for us, so I'd like to get this resolved soon.
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