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New: Castleview - Oceanscape

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As the title suggests, this was intended to be an aquatic themed longform piece. I've been testing it for months and I'm happy with it. It makes for excellent sleep/background music IMO.

I hope everyone here enjoys it.

Nice theme.

Will check this out tonight also Castleview, looking forward to it.

I love underwater themes in general. I'm surprised there aren't more aquatic-themed ambient albums.

I hope you enjoy it!

A couple of positive reviews for Oceanscape, with an excerpt from each:

Ambient Exotica:

--- Quote ---If you are a fan of Aqua Ambient or waterscapes – I’m not trying to coin witty genre markers here – then Oceanscape is an obvious no-brainer, especially so since it triggers all the right synapses and targets the expectancy of a genre follower’s knowledge. There is, of course, more to it than echopraxia or traditional craftsmanship: the interplay of and interdependency between the textures showcase a gorgeous entanglement. The piece never becomes dull or boring, even though it is clearly repetitive. Once all layers are in place, there is neither revelation nor elation to be found at a certain mark that can be pinpointed. Castleview’s piece works as a whole, and granted, it could have run for 20 minutes or 60 minutes without an alteration of its intrinsic commentariat, but all time-related aspects aside, Oceanscape is a delightful piece drawing from mysticism, infinitesimal benignancy and New Age tonalities that are not as antediluvian in this arrangement as they are elsewhere. And I for one cannot even imagine which sounds are synth-driven or based on real-world instruments. This shows that there is more to Oceanscape than aesthetic riddles.
--- End quote ---

The CD Critic:

--- Quote ---Castleview’s highly ambitious ‘Oceanscape’ is perhaps one of his most accomplished recordings in his current discography. The singular track offers an incredibly emotional ambient experience, featuring an array of emotions ranging from feeling worried about an ominous presence, to being at peace. ‘Oceanscape’ is certainly an ambitious recording, and it’s wonderful to see it executed so brilliantly and so well. ‘Oceanscape’ certainly cements Castleview’s position as one of the best ambient artists working in the independent scene.
--- End quote ---

Recently, GV Sound re-released Oceanscape, which is an honor for me. Great netlabel. Check it out if you haven't already.

I don't usually bump stuff up like this but this is my first time my music is on a netlabel.


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