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Tribal Soup - Feedback Request


I have been a hand drummer for about 15 years now, a couple of years back I found myself without any bandmates at the time and started working with loops and mixing them into traditional tribal style drumming.    I wasn't really able to settle down into a particular genre of electronic music and found myself mixing all types of things with tribal drumming from Dub to Dance to Jazz, and even some minimalism and so on.   My original goal was to produce Tribal Fusion music for Bellydancers, but without any good feedback from those who are truly the experts in the electronic music forum (that would be you all) :) it is hard to know if this is something worth pursuing or if I am just spinning my wheels and wasting my time.  I am not a DJ or anything like that, and I haven't figured a way to play a lot of this stuff live so I haven't been performing it at all, but it is a lot of fun to put it together.

Would love to know what you think of some of the things I have painted with sound on.

I thank you in advance -

Hah , interesting  8)

I am also a hand drummer, although my main instrument is geetar. Has been mainly african tribal rhythms over the years but also venturing into congas etc. My studio room is rather overrun with djembes, asongas, cajones .....................etc,etc.

I have used hand drumming in my main stream, guitar orientated rock but previously was working on a sort of Scottish/rock/african type of project. Really need to get my finger out and get back into recording again, especially as I have a synth now.

Will check your stuff out tonight.

All the best.

PS Check out "Sultan" on Pete Namlook's FAX label, also one of his "silence" albums has ambient with hand drums, either silence III or IV.

Hi Jesse, good to see you made it over here!   :)

I've listened to quite a few of your tracks; you definitely have a Muslimgauze vibe going on, which is a good thing.  Add some strong, tasty bass lines, and you might be a good fit with the Broken Drum label, home of Secret Archives of the Vatican:

Me likee!

I like this. It sounds kind of like Muslimgauze like SunDummy already pointed out, which is cool. Not exactly ambient but really solid.


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