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El culto:
Just backing up all my computers (Time Machine & Winclone)

Was very surprised when i saw the date of my latest one ??? >:(

When was your last backup made?  ;D


I have my recordings on a usb stick as backup. And on multiple hdds in case some hdd crash.
I have learned my lesson, to many times I have lost a lot of my music..there is no worse feeling when you loose some works you have been working really hard on and that is not able to do again.. But my hdds are usually a total mess so with that said often I forget to keep doublets of the files.

Julio Di Benedetto:
I have all projects backed up on a 1T external hard drive…actually I have no files on my laptop.  I have been using drives for the past 10 years and they are able to retrieve all data even if they can't fix one of their hard drives.  I had 2 issues that turned out to be a simple update of some sort, nothing serious and the drives were fix for free.  In one way the manufacturer is my ultimate backup.

I backup up my work-in-progress material every sunday (just finished in fact).

I'm currently using two 2.5" USB3 enclosures with a WD Black disc and a SSD for faster (smaller) backups. I'm very fortunate to have never lost any important data, but I'm very aware that it could happen at any time - hence the weekly backup. I also image the OS discs (I use 2 PCs) every week too.

Pretty dull stuff, but pretty critical nonetheless.

Also I have been thinking about backupping final mixes to some cloud service maybe.. it can be good to have an  external backup, in case of a fire or something. As always with Cloud service it is recommended to encrypt your data if you do not trust the NSA.


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