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NI Reaktor 5 Sale


Julio Di Benedetto:
NI usually have some crazy sale on Komplete from time to time but this came across to me and for $99 I jumped when the retail price is $399 .....My first soft synth was NI's Generator, and then the first release of Reaktor. After that I drifted more to hardware so 15 years later Im really enjoying seeing some old time ensembles included and a whole plethora of new sonic ends May 28th  :)

El culto:
Hey Julio,

great deal indeed!  :D

Though i still think that Komplete 9 is much more reasonable for the offered price.


Julio Di Benedetto:
I think your right Tomas....Komplete 9 for $499, one does get a lot for the price! 

It is a great deal, but the Komplete deal is better, in terms of what you get.
On the other hand, the time to explore Reaktor's libraries alone (let alone starting to program it), is considerable (I speak from experiece !) to determine the useful stuff.

When they put this stuff on sale it's a great deal. I bought the Komplete 9 upgrade recently , I already have Komplete 5. I think I paid around $150. Pete's right, Reaktor alone can keep you busy a long time by itself.


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