Author Topic: Alesis Andromeda----Worth the Effort???  (Read 12811 times)

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Re: Alesis Andromeda----Worth the Effort???
« Reply #20 on: June 02, 2014, 01:19:00 PM »
I got my Andromeda in 2006 and sold it last year......I created many amazing patches on the synth over the years, yet most of them were hard come by.  My relationship with the Andromeda was very much a love hate thing which was based on the user interface not the sound.  The Andromeda, for me, was not enjoyable to program.    As to the type of has the Moog and Oberheim style filters but those are names and do little to suggest the sonic capabilities of this synth and actually sounds nothing like either of those.  It has a unique voice of its own....ok 16 voices and though I was often at odds with the Andromeda it was definitely "Worth the Effort"

The owner says the same thing.
If the andromeda had 1 function per knob the size would be of a train.

He seems to prefer his Waldorf Q for programming. At least he was honest mentioning this...