Author Topic: Ambient 32 (probably best experienced in headphones)  (Read 1593 times)


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Ambient 32 (probably best experienced in headphones)
« on: August 13, 2014, 03:22:52 AM »
I did this recording many months ago, I was quite satisfied with it, but not not really "that" good" or the best I have done , anyway I did listen to it in headphones this night and I realize I really like it, it made me drift away  so I thought why not just share it instead of letting it be on my HDD for myself forever ?,  did sound good with my DT1350 the sharp treble It sound a lot better in my headphones then what I remember in my speakers... I did want a more old school sound, it actually sounds like it coming out from a old vinyl player this was my intent. As always all improvised no after editing.
The sharp vinyl sound was created with one of a kind EQ an old analogue EQ from the 60s  which really is one of my favourite weapons right now..
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