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Currently discovering Saul Stokes

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I just got "Outfolding" and "Vast" today, and have to say that I love Saul's style.  Very hypnotic, but with a really fresh and experimental (in a good way) feel.  I get the feeling that there are no rules, listening to Outfolding- something can happen that is absolutely unexpected and I love that- particularly because it still sounds within the bounds of one distinct style, not just random experimentation. 

It reminds me of some old computer game space rpgs that I used to play. :)

Any other albums of his I should listen to next?

Yep, he does have a very distinctive & addictive style.

- Zo Pilots
- Washed in Mercury
both excellent. Probably my favourites.

I'm a huge Saul Stokes fan...  Zo Pilots always makes my day and is still my favorite for a lot of reasons.   Outfolding, Vast... both are great.   I can't wait for the new one coming up.

Also - his collab with Vir Unis "Thermal Transfer" on Hypnos/Binary is excellent.   ...and I'm not just saying that because one of my remixes is on that disc!  grin...  :)

I also like his two wooden box releases I purchased from the Hypnoid store many moons ago.

judd stephens:
I agree with APK about Zo Pilots- my take is it's sorta urban yet alien and desolate, like an audio equivalent to the Blade Runner movie, and I agree with Jkn about Thermal Transfer, except on the whole it sounds more like Vir Unis than Saul Stokes to me, but still a truly cool album worth listening to.  Deepspace, since you're enjoying Vast you may like Fields as well.  It's kind of uptempo (for a Saul Stokes album, that is- it's really "downtempo" in the broad sense of electronica, I guess) and cheery like Vast, but not quite to the same degree.   


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