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And now for something different... (IKON)


My new album 'IKON' - very different to my 'usual' material, more information here:

Paul Vnuk (Ma Ja Le):
Very cool Pete! Has almost a vintage Mick Karn-wordless-art rock feel to it. This needs to be played loud folks!  :)

El culto:

Shame the first and last track weren´t longer as preview!

Really like the drum pattern + backing starting at 1:30  :)

Not convinced about the bass sound starting around 1:05 + 1:53 ("too obvious and real" for my taste)


Thanks very much Paul and Tomas !,

Yes, Mick Karn was one of my favourite bass players, I used to play fretless in bands in my youth (not very well).
'IKON' was a very time consuming ptoject and at times I felt it wasn't going anywhere, so I'm very pleased to have it finished and released.

Tomas, you may be right on those points, but I felt I'd spent enough time on this project and could have carried on making changes almost indefinetely - every time I made a fresh set of listening notes I heard things I wasn't wild about (it was becoming very complex !). I suppose that's something you have to contend with when you want to release new material, especially when it's somewhat different to ones 'usual' work.   


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