Was this an insult?


drone on:
I'm a 46 year old guy.  A female coworker asked what I did on some time off I took and I said "House sitting and dog sitting for my mom while she was on vacation.". Then she says, "Oh, don't you live with your mom?". I never said anything ever about living with my mother so I don't know where she would get this idea.  Plus, why would I call it house sitting if I lived there?  As living with your mom at my age is universally thought of as uncool, odd, etc,  if somebody thinks you do then they must think you're unable to live away from mommy and are socially freakish or something.  I take it as an insult.  Would you?

Scott M2:
Let me be the first here to say "Don't date this woman!"     ;)

Yes, I'm making a joke, but obviously she really doesn't know you and you'll have to let her ignorance glance off you with all the good grace you can muster.

judd stephens:
I would follow up to see where she was coming from... in as a polite way as possible.   In my opinion that wouldn't come off as awkward, just to get the clarification.  You found her comment confusing, and it's understandable.

drone on:
I didn't find it confusing, I found it thoughtless and stupid to say to anyone unless they did know you and or you actually volunteered that information.  If I did live with my mother, it's not something I'd be spreading around at work or feel comfortable telling people.  Coworkers who obviously have a job and can support themselves I would never assume they lived with their parents or parent.  Funny, I did want to date this woman for awhile, so thank God I didn't.  It would've lasted a week at best before she pissed me off with some really insensitive stupid comment!

I would probably not worry about it, personally. It sounds offhand, like maybe she'd heard something about some guy in the office living with his parents, and when you mentioned staying at your mother's place she was mixed about who she'd heard that about.


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