Any other photography people out there ?

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I'm something of a hobbyist photographer, in that I just do it for the fun I get from it. Saying that, I spend a lot of time doing it. I'm currently using a Sony RX100 and a Sony R1 - both good cameras. These cameras aren't the latest and greatest, but they suit my purposes. I see a gear lust analogy in the photography world, where (for example) some folks over at DP review are constantly buying and selling the newest and the best gear and are never being satisfied with the results they get (technically).

What I do is essentially a documentation of things I see out on my walks, my observations of the world I see (mostly the rural environment in the North-east of the UK). I'm keen on macro photography, as it shows a hitherto unseen world of detail for me. Lastly, my dog 'Maxa' is a much photographed subject.

I probably post about 5% of the shots I take, I try to be selective. I'm learning new techniques all the time and I've recently got into filters - infra-red, graduated color density etc on the RX100. I intend to do more Video work further down the line, as the RX100 takes pretty good video footage.

Anyway, there's a fair bit of my work over at my blog (under the photography category)


Boris Lelong:
Hello Pete,
You have beautiful photographs on your blog indeed !
I particularly like the black&white texture-sky (Fade.jpg) and the fire ferns.
I have also been doing quite a lot of photos over the years, of people, landscapes, nature, music... Here's my sample page : http://www.borislelong.com/image/photo
Ambient music and photography can have a lot in common !

Many thanks, Boris !

Particularly like the 'people' section on your site.
Yes, I agree, I think ambient music and photography can have a lot in common.

Nice photos Pete.

I am thinking about getting back into photography. Used to have my own darkroom set up etc when I was a young lad........... then sold my Nikon and all my lenses  :( to buy another guitar. Just been using my iphone and ipod touch for pictures. Not quite the same.

Trees especially silhouettes and landscapes were my thing. Like your tree pictures very much and your doggie ! Just had to put my 15year old cross colly/lab  Brodie to sleep this after a very sudden deterioration this week. Gutted  :'(.

Will have to do some research on a reasonably priced digi SLR camera and get back into this.

I've also enjoyed photography since my teen years, including experience in the darkroom, but wasn't very good at developing my own stills. Like Thirdsystem, nature-themed imagery is my preference. They make for good album covers.  ;D

I also enjoy time-lapse photography, and have been fascinated by it since watching Baraka back in the 90s. Luckily with DSLRs, it's an easy task. My first attempt was using a DV camera back in 2000 for a short film. I shot it in real-time, captured it into the computer, and sped it up 2000% or so. Worked very well.

The benefit of doing it this way is complete control over how quickly things moved in post. Doing it in the DSLR (as actual stills) means you need to know how often to take a photo to get the speed you're looking for. However, a benefit of using a still camera allows for very long shutter speeds in darker scenes.


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