Any Genesis fans?

Started by drone on, August 06, 2014, 11:10:38 PM

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El culto

Quote from: Paul Vnuk (Ma Ja Le)

And I should mention that Gabriel's Passion is one of my top 2 favorite albums of all time!


What´s happening in the sub-bass of some tracks is just unbelievable.


Dave Michuda

Loren  -  I Grieve is a favorite of mine as well.  I had a copy of the song from the City of Angels soundtrack back in 1998, years before PG put it on UP.  The tune spoke to me on a personal level as well as my wife had passed away less than a year before.  The City of Angels version is slightly different.  I never saw the film & bought the soundtrack just for I Grieve.

Has anybody else heard the Anniversary edition of SO?  Specifically the SO DNA disc?  It's different from the typical demo versions type of disc.  PG takes demos & early versions of each song and mixes them together to show how the song changes over time.  Very cool.  Usually demos are a curiosity that get a bit boring after a few listens but the way these songs are constructed from various workparts is fascinating.

I've seen PG do some cool things on stage - riding a bike, riding a segway, singing with a camera attached to his head pointing at his face, bouncing around in giant, human gerbil ball, dancing in the Sledgehammer "coat of light."  Great stuff.

Fav Gabriel Soundtracks:

1) Passion
2) Birdy
3) Long Walk Home
4) Ovo - has one of my favorite ambient tunes of all time on it, "The Nest That Sailed The Sky."

Years ago I used to use "Birdy's Flight" from Birdy for high school football highlights that I would edit for my old high school.  They had to be the only school in the state using that obscure tune.  Worked pretty well though.  I also used to edit a lot of sports video for the tv station I work at and somehow this Genesis dork was able to sneak in "It's Gonna Get Better," "Turn It On Again," "Big Time" and " that quiet earth" for different Green Bay Packers highlight videos.

drone on

Just bought this weekend:

Steve Hackett--Genesis Revisited: Live at Hammersmith.  3 CD, 2 *DVD set that is incredible.  The band is killer.  The concert DVD perfect sound and visuals!  A++++++


Dave Michuda

Ah yes, I remember the sweatpants & sweatbands tour well.