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ANODIZE / OCTOBER & FALL NEWS / The Pool, Emerald Web reissues, & more


Release date: 10.31.2014 / Preorders, samples & info:

Autumn has finally revealed itself in a burst of colorful splendor around these parts, and here at Anodize HQ we're responding in kind with our own collection of equally vivid aural delicacies ripe for the picking.

In this, the 14th year of the millennium, the dissemination/distribution of music continues to wrestle with numerous artistic and economic dilemmas, offering no adequate exit out of the maze of its own bewildering pretzel (il)logic. The format wars (or, at the very least, skirmishes) wage on. CD vs. vinyl? Physical hard media vs. digital ether? In what form should music be released despite multimedia brainwashing and the endless parade of dis/misinformation?

For us, it's simple: we remain committed to the silver, factory-pressed CD and its attendant physicality. Beginning with the upcoming release by The Pool, all subsequent Anodize issues will be in newly designed six-panel digipaks, the better to augment each musician's varied sonic hues, tints, and textures.

To that end, it gives us great pleasure to kickoff the final quarter of 2014 with not only two timely reissues but a couple of new recordings by artists both forging reputations and building upon established ones.

One of a handful of recordings long cherished by those of us at Anodize, languishing for more than thirty years in relative obscurity, finally arrives on silver platter. 333+, by The Pool, aka Austin, Texas multi-instrumentalist Patrick Keel, trades on a brand of DIY applied rhythmic technology that realigns Bill Nelson, Manuel Gottsching, and John Foxx with contemporary artists making similarly-themed gestures. Originally released on Enigma Records in 1984, Keel's sparkling works presaged the following decades' techno-electro hybrids in a particularly distinctive fashion, decorated with his charming homespun singspeak and deft instrumental keyboard calisthenics. Compiling The Pool's sole LP together with two EPs from the same period, 333+ features, among other offerings, the widescreen synth fantasia "Heavenly Voices", a chugging version of Henry Mancini’s “Peter Gunn” theme, and the cult-klatch nugget "Dance It Down", a wonderfully awry 80s club staple of Afrika Bambaataa’s then legendary Danceteria DJ sets.

Experiencing such far-ranging methodologies, refracted in the unironic stylistic prism of 2014, renders these recordings more prescient now than ever. We think you'll agree.

Limited edition of 200 in six-panel digipak.



Release date: 11.30.2014 / Samples & info:

Arne Weinburg and John Shima comprise the duo calling themselves Fatal Tangent. Embracing the rich history of analog synth technology for their own febrile ends, they've created with Cenotaph a recording of dark, probing, mysterious ambient throb crisscrossed by a spiderweb of modular pulse patterns. Weinburg also owns & operates the Diametric label, while partner Shima's resumé reveals a diverse weaving of ambient dub, techno, and other prickly modes of indefinable electronica. Intersecting the work of similar contemporary artists such as Robert Henke/Monolake, Thomas Koner, Pete Namlook, 'Ramp, Ian Boddy, and Oneohtrix Point Never, Fatal Tangent's peek into all manners of opaque regions and unsettling sonorities makes for a richly-earned listening experience.


Release date: 12.16.2014 / Samples & info:

As the second of our other highly anticipated editions of the season, Anodize is proud to announce the reissue of Catspaw, Emerald Web's seminal 1986 recording, first released on synthesist Larry Fast/Synergy's Audion label. Remastered from the original tapes and featuring a second disc of unreleased recordings from the same timeframe, Catspaw's haunting yet hypnotic weaving of flute, woodwinds, and prime-era analog synths (Moogs, Arps, etc.) transcended the vagaries of pithy 'new age' music in the service of compositions far more imaginative, breathtaking and timeless. Nearly three decades later, Emerald Web's Kat Epple and the late Bob Stohl are finally achieving the recognition they have so richly deserved.

David Morley (title TBA)

Release date: 12.30.2014 / Info:

Esteemed UK electronica composer David Morley, whose Tilted album, released in the 90s on the famed R&S label, remains one of that imprint's gems of cinematic ambient/IDM, sharing an ethos with other classics of the era such as early John Beltran and Detroit Escalator Co's Soundtrack 313. Morley's debut for Anodize promises to be a real corker, as we anticipate the music's subsequent gestation and his painstaking approach to sonic detail heralding a welcome return to form and function. Sound samples to be posted on the album's release page in the coming weeks.

Primordial Soleus Beam

Release date: 1.27.2015 / Samples & info:

Adam Sykes was owner/operator of the well-regarded Iris Light label (1996-2007), an issuer of fine random access electronica by the likes of Aube, Penumbra, Blue, and Maeror Tri, amongst many others. Now reclaiming the label name as his newest alter-ego, Sykes premiers a single, longform work of edgy ambient moods, mindstates, and malcontents. After providing us with advance teasers of the latest headscape, it's become obvious to us that the choice of Irislight as Sykes's recording entity illustrates something quite special indeed.

2015 at a glance: new recordings by Alpha Wave Movement, Ambidextrous, Robert Scott Thompson, Peter Davidson, Yamaoka, Mick Chillage, Sonic Combine (Kat Epple of Emerald Web avant-electronic/percussion side project), Slowdazzle, As If (superb ambient dub techno), & Within Reason, plus reissues/CD debuts by Helix (Eraldo Bernocchi duo IDM project from the 90s), Crystal "Rainbow Voyagers" (classic early 80s synth/space album), Craig Padilla "Sonar", Moebius (not the German artist but an 80s LA trio including Steve Roach), and more.

As always, we appreciate your continuing support of Anodize & its artists.

Anodize is a locus for music electronic, experimental and otherwise, representing the finest in tactile visual audio. Silver through and through, produced in collector's edition tins and six-panel digipaks, Anodize's mandate emphasizes the continuing relevance and artistic value of the physical CD, what it represents historically, culturally, and physically as the ideal playback media for high-quaity, recorded sound.
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